ABWSAntique Barbed Wire Society (Santa Fe, NM)
ABWSAdvance Brake Warning System
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The more I read, the more I realized that I am an ABW (Angry Black Woman) and product of it!
The book culminates with a list of the 100 Things Thai Make an ABW Happy.
The advance brake warning system (ABWS) evaluated in this study is based on such an approach.
The ABWS evaluated here consisted of a sensor mounted on the gas-pedal rod.
To evaluate this approach to ABWS, it is necessary to show that (a) the ABWS does not create a safety risk (by having the brake lights come on in response to anything other than brake pedal activation) and (b) it can reduce rear-end crashes.
The first evaluation of the ABWS consisted of a field study with more than 60 000 km of travel by drivers unaware of the presence of the device in their cars (Shinar, 1995).
Another attractive feature of the advance brake warning (ABW) system is that its operation is indistinguishable from actual emergency braking, except that it precedes it by approximately 0.22 s (Morrison, Swope, and Halcomb, 1986).
The specific ABW device used in this study was the RedAlert[TM] (Baran Advance Technologies, Ltd., Israel).