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ABYAfter Battle of Yavin (Star Wars)
ABYArchbishop of York
ABYAmerican Baptist Youth
ABYAlbany, GA, USA - Dougherty County (Airport Code)
ABYAuthenticate Bypass
ABYAbbey Transportation System (Fresno, CA)
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Scott Fitzgerald, dyspraxia certainly didn't constrain Aby, who has just finished a twonight run of her one-woman dance show as part of the Tramway Theatre's Unlimited Festival.
Aby shared a message describing the attack, that he said was sent to him by Fahmi.
Aby and Louis agree the next challenge is to ensure the hotel maintains or improves its UK AA 3-star rating, especially for its 28 rooms, and its 2-Rosette status for food, in an upcoming annual inspection.
The history of ABY, which is a subsidiary of a global motor manufacturer, confirmed that these design criteria are not simply aspirations: market share, industry reviews, customer comments on social media, websites and financial results demonstrated consistent attainment of the criteria in the past decade.
Aby said: "It's a strength and conditioning gym, and we've also got a section for mixed martial arts section - which if you believe what the press says is the biggest-growing in the world.
RFR, the New York real estate investment and development firm led by Aby Rosen, will take over the Paramount Hotel on West 46th Street.
Hotel worker P Aby, 30, apparently told Kerala police that his wife, Sheeba, 28, had been having an affair.
From left: Aby Rosen, his mansion at 22 East 71st Street, a $1.3 million home in Southington, Conn.
Audrey and family of the late Abraham (Aby) would like to thank all relatives, friends and neighbours for cards of condolence, floral tributes and many messages received which are most appreciated at this very sad time.
ABY boy who fought for life while his father was remanded on charges of injuring him has died, police said yesterday.
ABY all means do, Jana, but only if the upset continues.