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ACIMA Course in Miracles (Foundation for Inner Peace)
ACIMAC Induction Motor
ACIMAssociation Canadienne de l'Industrie du Médicament (Pharmaceutical Manufacturers Association of Canada)
ACIMAssociação Comercial e Industrial de Marília
ACIMAssociate Member of the Chartered Institute of Marketing
ACIMAvailability Centered Inventory Model
ACIMAirborne Communications Interface Module
ACIMAxis-Crossing Interval Meter
ACIMAdvanced Communications Interface Module
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Servo motors are limited in horsepower compared with AC induction motors, so the application of multiple servo motors may be needed for higher power requirements.
Typically the three phase AC induction motor drive is used in the pump.
Matlab/Simulink model of AC induction motor controlled by constant slip method with motor speed stabilization
Independent market research shows that ABB is the world's number one manufacturer of low voltage AC induction motors by revenues.
When choosing an AC induction motor, two factors come into play-efficiency rating and type of enclosure.
Curtis has introduced three AC Induction Motor Controllers: Models 1230, 1236 and 1238, designed for 24-80V battery systems, with 60-800Arms 2 minute current ratings, and targeted for a wide range of battery powered vehicles.
The electric Tiago will be available with a three-phase AC induction motor that will generate peak power of 30kw at 4500rpm.
"Minimizing ac induction motor slip." Electrical Construction and Maintenance (4), Penton, NY, NY.
Further, in many cases, the motor will be one full frame size smaller than the alternative AC induction motor, reducing weight, cost, and possibly VFD size.
The control unit on the drive provides three-phase (380V to 690V) AC induction motor control with an easy-to-use IPS1 interface card and connecting cables.
The electric transaxle's ac induction motor can supply a peak power output of 96 hp (67 kW) to the wheels.