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AC-1Atlantic Crossing-1
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The Razer Barracuda AC-1 Gaming Audio Card also features optimized proprietary software drivers to provide for the prioritization of enhanced gaming audio signals and an increased frames per second rate while using a minimal amount of memory and increased frames per second.
0 feet) within the same iron-stained tuff encountered in hole AC-1, and averaged 0.
We were confident in Logic Innovations' ability to provide a solution for our AC-3 to AC-1 transcoding needs," commented Stuart Farber, vice president information technology of Music Choice.
ION, through its UK subsidiary, is the only AC-1 inland service supplier that will be providing high-capacity shore-to-city links (also known as backhaul) in both countries.
The AC-1 contract marks the operational launch of ION and illustrates one type of customized network solution which ION can provide by leveraging the parent companies' infrastructure on both sides of the Atlantic," said Howard Finkelstein, President of Metromedia Fiber Network.
This agreement marks a milestone for AC-1," said David Lee, Global Crossing president and chief operating officer.