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"That price assumes that Cepsa will pay a dividend of AC0.50 per share to its shareholders prior to the date on which the result of the offer is announced (and, if such dividend is not paid, Ipic will increase the offer price by AC0.50 per share)," Ipic said.
According to the minister the sale of the energy will be AC0.166 for every kilowatt hour (KWh) produced while 2.0 per cent of sales will be investmed in the communities around the wind park.
where [t.sub.exp] represents total time expenditures for one packet transmission, [t.sub.AIFS]--time required for Distributed Inter Frame Space ([t.sub.AIFS] = 9 x [t.sub.slot] for IEEE 802.11e AC0), CW--Contention Window, [t.sub.slot]--slot time ([t.sub.slot] = 9 [micro]s for OFDM, IEEE 802.11a), [t.sub.packet]--time required for data and overhead transmission consisting of preamble, 30-byte MAC header transmission time--[t.sub.MAC] and 4-byte Frame Check Sequence--[t.sub.FCS]:
La dieta AC-C fue la que presento un mayor crecimiento seguido de la AC-15, no observandose diferencias significativas (P<0,05) entre ellas, pero a su vez AC-15 no se diferencia estadisticamente con AC0 y AC10; indicando esto que la dieta AC15 fue la que mas favorecio el crecimiento de los camarones al ser comparada con la dieta comercial.
The project was supported by CONACYT research grant 156252/ 060C, REMAS 034, 057, and CIBNOR project AC0.8.
Unlike Section 3.2, however, nodes [AC.sub.1], [AC.sub.2], and [AC.sub.3] as well as AC0 generated dispersed attack packets, and these packets were evenly distributed to other edge routers.