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AC1Asherons Call 1 (online game)
AC1Adenylyl Cyclase Type 1
AC1Air Controlman First Class (US Navy Rating)
AC1Access Category 1
AC1Authorised Certified 1
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The microsatellites subjected to this analysis are located in the coding region of the genes encoding transforming growth factor [beta] receptor type II (TGFBR2; MIM 190182), DNA-mismatch repair proteins (MSH3; MIM 600887; MSH6, MIM 600678), the trifunctional protein GART, and a protein of unknown function (AC1; Table 1).
In this context, Eutelsat expects revenues for the Operating Verticals of between $1,426m (AC1,280m) and $1,471m (AC1,320m) in FY 2019- 2012.
Gwet's AC1 coefficients calculated to evaluate interob-server reliability (Tables 2 and 3) indicate that for the pooled subsample there was fair to good agreement in most of the traits and very good agreement in eight traits, with the superior protuberance of the right side of the pubic symphysis as the trait with the greatest agreement.
'Last year, Nigeria signed the agreement to become one of the ' AC1 global training centers, to further advance the goal of human capacity development in FAAN and in Africa.
For AC1 and AC2 impregnated with H2SO4, the activation temperature at 600degC and 800degC did not affect much on the percentage of yields with the different only 3%.
The first is that SMAO has a slightly longer incubation period than MAO due to the latter having a higher current density as seen in Table 1 for AC1. In contrast to MAO, no bubbles were evident in SMAO and this can be attributed to the continuous flow of the electrolyte stream.
The results obtained for the surface areas of the A[C.sub.s] are consistent with the previous statement, since they follow the order AC1 = 309 [m.sup.2][g.sup.-1] > AC2 = 479 [m.sup.2][g.sup.-1] > AC3 = 889 [m.sup.2][g.sup.-1] > AC4 = 557 [m.sup.2][g.sup.-1] > AC5 = 902 [m.sup.2][g.sup.-1] > AC6 = 1715 [m.sup.2][g.sup.-1].
To minimise delay between the end of the cycle and loading of the next batch for cleaning, there is a shuttle arrangement at the front of the AC1.7-3 comprising two rail-mounted carriages, each carrying a table.
Prior to the main experiments, subjects were familiarized with the experimental testing procedures and 10 repetition maximum (RM) was determined for Leg Extension (LE) and Arm Curl (AC) exercises (10 RM LE2: 103 [+ or -] 12kg; LE1: 51 [+ or -] 6kg; AC2: 66 [+ or -] 13kg; AC1: 33 [+ or -] 7kg).
Nine bacterial strains were used: Azospirillum brasilense (C16 and SP7), Azospirillum lipoferum C15, Azotobacter chroococcum AC1 and AC10, Azotobacter vinelandii AV5, Bradyrhizobium japonicum USDA110, Rhizobium sp.