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AC2Assassin's Creed 2 (video game)
AC2Asheron's Call 2 (video game)
AC2Armored Core 2 (video game)
AC2Airspace Command and Control (US Army)
AC2Ace Combat 2 (game)
AC2Air Controlman Second Class (US Navy Rating)
AC2Access Category 2
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"JDA is very pleased to extend our relationship with AC2 through this agreement," said Nitin Gangla, Vice President, Alliance Sales, Asia-Pacific, JDA.
AC2 version 2.3 was set up on a circa 2012 MacBook Pro using the El Capitan Mac operating system (Mac OS).
7 show a direct relationship between the amount of adsorbed water and the intensity of the band for the O-H group in the 3500 [cm.sup.-1] region, as seen for the activated carbons AC2 and AC5.
The AC2's data traffic sent, achieved by our proposed algorithm, is shown in Figures 3 and 4 in different data rates.
To ensure this capability, AC2 provides data-centric access to all essential combat information and the processes and services necessary for coordinated planning and execution.
Many other WFM systems have client-server architecture but with ac2, there is no software to be installed or maintained on the workforce managers, supervisors, or agents' computers.
Companies in an ABCT, SBCT, and IBCT should have a dedicated UAS section at the company level that works closely with the company intelligence support team (CoIST) to provide UAS support and basic AC2. Company-level UAS support is different based on the type of BCT due to factors such as mission and mobility.
Prior to the main experiments, subjects were familiarized with the experimental testing procedures and 10 repetition maximum (RM) was determined for Leg Extension (LE) and Arm Curl (AC) exercises (10 RM LE2: 103 [+ or -] 12kg; LE1: 51 [+ or -] 6kg; AC2: 66 [+ or -] 13kg; AC1: 33 [+ or -] 7kg).
It has been reported that Dexras1 may have a dual role in modulating the activation of AC2 (Adenylyl cyclase 2) signaling by concurrently blocking PKC (protein kinase C) and G[beta][gamma] activity--two proteins that function as activators of AC2.
The factorial structures of the Catalan and Hungarian ZKA-PQ were equivalent, only General Activity (AC2: .89) obtained a congruency coefficient below .90.
AC2 is by far my all time favourite in the series because of the narrative, gameplay changes and an overall awesome experience.