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AC3Armored Core 3 (video game)
AC3Ace Combat 3 (game)
AC3Audio Compression - 3
AC3Armor Captains Career Course
AC3Air Controlman Third Class (US Navy Rating)
AC3Access Category 3 (highest access priority)
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5 g of AC3 were place in 250 ml Erlenmeyer flasks containing 100 ml ppm of 4-chlorophenol (PCP) adsorbate (pH 7).
Neste trabalho se verificaram relacoes balanceadas de K/Mg para AC3, AC4, AC5, AC6 e AC7 e para AC1 e AC2 a relacao indicou excesso de K no solo (Tabela 3).
As well as continuing to build upon the base management systems featured across the three previous titles, AC3 introduces a number of key new mechanics.
I think that DVD-ROM drives could steal the show if the MPEG-2 and Dolby AC3 decoder hardware were an optional extra for those who want to play DVD-Video titles on their computer.
An AC3 receiver with Dolby Pro Logic sound is priced separately at $499.
It also supports the DVB-T digital broadcasting standard for high-end picture quality and MPEGs, AC3 (Dolby Digital) and Window Media Audio decoding standards.
MediaClient codecs support 16 channels of uncompressed audio, Dolby E and AC3, close caption EIA-708/608 demodulation and playback, as well as VANC/HANC preservation.
Alongside the BOMBARDIER TRAXX AC3 locomotive, which is powered by alternating current, the product platform is now complete with the introduction of new BOMBARDIER TRAXX MS3 (multi system) and DC3 (direct current) locomotives.