AC6Adenylyl Cyclase 6
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The team assessed the status of the development project for both production fill and service fill equipment for the mixed refrigerant AC6 (R-445A).
Terra Musica Premium enables Terra ADSL clients to listen to songs from the database, enjoy a selection of predetermined channels or compile individualized music lists according to their preferences, for AC6 (just music) or 9.
DALLAS, March 26 /PRNewswire/ -- Texas Instruments Incorporated (TI) today announced that a modem based on its AR7, ADSL access router-on-a-chip, received the highest performance scores in WT-085 interoperability tests in use with its own AC5 and AC6 Central Office (CO) platforms as well as the most widely deployed competitive CO platform.
The firm (UK, France and Germany) generates an annual fee income of approximately AC6.
The CUSIP numbers for the Notes are 162816 AA0 and 162816 AC6.
As an octal ADSL infrastructure chipset, the AC6 provides manufacturers greater all around line card density compared with existing chipsets on the market which claim highest density based only on the number of lines the chipset supports without factoring in power consumption or board space.
Through aggressive integration, true density products like TI's new AC6 chipset will help drive cost-effective solutions for OEMs and service providers.
The AC6 achieves density improvements by using advanced power management and high levels of integration to enable more ADSL ports to be supported per line card.