AC6Adenylyl Cyclase 6
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Biopharmaceutical company Renova Therapeutics disclosed on Thursday the receipt of the US Food and Drug Administration's (FDA) Fast Track designation for the its RT-100 AC6 gene transfer (Ad5.hAC6) lead product candidate for the treatment of heart failure with reduced ejection fraction (HFrEF).
The results obtained for the surface areas of the A[C.sub.s] are consistent with the previous statement, since they follow the order AC1 = 309 [m.sup.2][g.sup.-1] > AC2 = 479 [m.sup.2][g.sup.-1] > AC3 = 889 [m.sup.2][g.sup.-1] > AC4 = 557 [m.sup.2][g.sup.-1] > AC5 = 902 [m.sup.2][g.sup.-1] > AC6 = 1715 [m.sup.2][g.sup.-1].
Para o potassio (K) verifica-se reducao, em media, da concentracao deste nutriente de 20% das areas de cultivo em relacao a area de referencia, sendo tal reducao mais acentuada para as areas AC4, AC5, AC6 e AC7 (Tabela 1).
By focusing on the best model of each of the three techniques which are AC6, ANN6, and DT6 as indicated in Table 6, it is shown that the best accuracy of AC is 92% while for ANN it is 78% and it is 80% for DT.
Therefore, the expression of adenylate cyclases (ACs) which are the cAMP generating enzymes was screened leading to the identification of AC6 as a PPARgamma-inducible gene.
Schweda, "The calcium paradoxon of renin release: calcium suppresses renin exocytosis by inhibition of calcium-dependent adenylate cyclases AC5 and AC6," Circulation Research, vol.
Overcxpression of AC6, a lipid-raft localized isoform, had no effect.
The UK exported AC3.5 billion (Dh17.7 billion), while Italy sold AC6.7 billion (Dh33.9 billion).
The new model, branded the AC6, is intended for testing 220/240V supplies up to 6kW, in adjustable steps of 333W.
Ioannou declined comment on reports that Shell is the company selected, or that the 20-year contract is worth AC6 billion.