AC8Adenylyl Cyclase Type 8 (gene)
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Susie Kasielke, curator of birds at the Los Angeles Zoo, said AC8 came into the zoo last November sick with a high level of lead in her blood.
03938L AC8 / US03938LAC81 (Registered) 03938LAA2 / US03938LAA26 (Rule 144A) L0302DAM5 / USL0302DAM58 (Reg.
The CUSIP numbers for the Notes are 518415 AC8 and 518415 AA2.
Katy Vartanian, Session AC8, Room O2-35/36 -- Wednesday, March 5: "Automated Aerodynamic Design Optimization Process for Automotive Vehicles," Rajneesh Singh, 3:00 p.
More than AC8 million (approximately $10 million) has been invested in the facility to achieve the highest levels of data security and technological durability.
Oracle has licensed four MetaSound codecs: AC8, AC10, AC16, and AC24; and two MetaVoice codecs: RT24 and RT29.