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AC97Audio CODEC 97
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Agere also offers a robust, single software driver that powers both the AC97 or PCI solutions for these chip sets.
0 Full-Speed Device ports (x3), an I2S Audio Device, ADC inputs (x4), an AC97 Audio CODEC, SD / MMC Card Slots (x2), a USART Serial Communication Device, a CAN Interface Device, a TWI Serial EEPROM Device, an image sensor device connector, a 16 Button Keypad, a PCI64 Slot, GPIO expansion slots (x4), software controlled power indication and general-purpose LED's.
Peripherals -- On chip peripherals of the AT32AP7001 include a BT 656 compliant camera interface, three full duplex IIS audio channels, one AC97 interface, a built-in 2-channel 16-bit audio bitstream DAC, a Hi-Speed (480 Mb/s) USB device interface with 7 endpoints, a dual port MMC/SD card interface, four USARTS, two SPI interfaces, and a two-wire interface (I2C compatible).
The new system also includes a built-in four-speed Accelerated Graphics Port for graphic-intensive applications, as well as integrated support for AC97 Soft Audio for surround sound functionality.
12 programmable serial controllers supporting UART, SPI, AC97, I2S
0 channels, an AC97 audio controller, two SATA and one UDMA EIDE storage interfaces, Compact Flash socket, four serial ports with two supporting RS-422/485 capability, eight general-purpose I/O (GPIO) pins, one parallel port, and a PCI-104 expansion bus.
0B CAN controller, LCD controller, MCI, SSC, PWM, LCD and AC97 controllers, SPI master and slave, two USARTs, three 16-bit timer counters, an 8-channel, 10-bit analog to digital converter, and a full complement of supervisory functions.
The board excels as a high-performance component for consumer-oriented and space-saving systems with its embedded AGP 4Xgraphics chipset and built-in AC97 CODEC audio subsystem.
And the company has registered several patents such as the AC97 control chip method and equalization technique.
Serial interfaces include RS232, USART, I2S, AC97, TWI/I2C, SPI, PS/2 and several synchronous serial modules (SSC), supporting most serial communication protocols, making it ideal for a variety of applications such as routers, POS, navigation, multimedia and printers.
The audio interface features two synchronous serial interface (SSI) controllers for I2S or AC97 audio inputs/outputs.