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AC97Audio CODEC 97
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Agere also offers a robust, single software driver that powers both the AC97 or PCI solutions for these chip sets.
1 Gigabit and 1 10/100 wired Ethernet port, as well as SVGA and dual channel LVDS flat panel video, CompactFlash socket, Ultra-ATA disk interface, 24 lines of digital I/O, AC97 audio (5.
The embedded on board CMI 9739 AC97 audio chipset provides a 6-channel audio solution.
4Ghz with 256Mbyte RAM, Radeon 9000 Pro, DVD ROM, CD RW drive, 60Gbyte hard drive, AC97 onboard sound.
It is built on the modem daughter card (MDC) AC97 platform which provides the smallest form factor and has the lowest power requirement available for notebooks today.
0 ports with in-rush and over-current protection, four independent RS-232/422/485 full-duplex serial UARTs, 48-lines of TTL-compatible digital I/O, and AC97 audio.
The recorded signal was digitalized in a PC with a standard soundcard Realteck AC97 at 16 bits and 44.
The new system also includes a built-in four-speed Accelerated Graphics Port for graphic-intensive applications, as well as integrated support for AC97 Soft Audio for surround sound functionality.
The AC97 audio interface allows output of sound from digital files, CDs, or DVDs.
The board excels as a high-performance component for consumer-oriented and space-saving systems with its embedded AGP 4Xgraphics chipset and built-in AC97 CODEC audio subsystem.
12 programmable serial controllers supporting UART, SPI, AC97, I2S
And the company has registered several patents such as the AC97 control chip method and equalization technique.