ACAAAmerican Coal Ash Association (Washington, DC)
ACAAAir Carrier Access Act of 1986
ACAAAir Carrier Association of America
ACAAAmazigh Cultural Association in America
ACAAAutomatic Chemical Agent Alarm
ACAAAmerican Coalition for Abuse Awareness
ACAAAcademic Center for Aging Aircraft
ACAAAntique Automobile Club of America (Hershey, PA)
ACAAAfrican Canadian Achievement Award
ACAAAgreement of Conformity Assessment and Acceptance of Industrial Products
ACAAAlabama Coastal Area Act
ACAAAffordable COTS for Aging Aircraft
ACAAAgricultural Conservation & Adjustment Administration
ACAAArmy Concept Analysis Agency (US Army)
ACAAAuto-Calibrating Adaptive Array
ACAAAir Controlman Airman Apprentice (US Navy Rating)
ACAAAllegheny County Airport Authority (Pennsylvania)
ACAAAssociation of Certified Accountants of Azerbaijan
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But now, according to the Transportation chief, everything is jake and "air travelers can be assured of fair and equal treatment regardless of disability," thanks to the ACAA.
The heat of coal combustion eliminates compounds such as dioxins and poly-cyclic aromatic hydrocarbons that could form during combustion, according to "PAHs and Dioxins Not Present in Fly Ash at Levels of Concern," a presentation by Lisa Bradley and colleagues at the 2009 World of Coal Ash meeting, a biennial conference organized by the ACAA and the University of Kentucky Center for Applied Energy Research.
As of September 30, 1999, foreign air carriers are included within the ambit of the ACAA, and the regulations have been updated most recently to include passengers who use oxygen or other respiratory assisted devices, or who are deaf or hard of hearing.
Specifically, with funding from the Italian government, UNOPS provides the following activities: (i) Set-up a technical assistance and certification facility within the ACAA; (ii) Training ACAA personnel to be employed at the Herat airport; and (iii) Preparing relevant procurement documents.
Brigitte Brown of University of Wisconsin, Madison was selected to receive a $2,500 scholarship, named in honor of inaugural ACAA Executive Director John Faber, who took the helm in 1968.
The capital investment on the Additional Systems supported new production from the Oxford and Shirley systems and projects in the Pennsboro, Moundsville and ACAA project areas that are anticipated to result in wet gas volume throughput growth in these areas in fourth quarter 2014.
Anti-coal environmental activists consistently refer to coal ash as 'highly toxic' and 'hazardous to your health' with no regard for how those unsupported descriptions damage the environmentally beneficial recycling of the material," says ACAA Executive Director Thomas Adams.
The first model agreement that the NSWNA negotiated with ACAA two years ago expires at the end of June.
Sometimes called "the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) for air travel," the ACAA promises to remove the type of roadblocks to air travel that I've described in order to make life a lot easier for the disabled air traveler.