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ACACAccord Commercial Anti-Contrefaçon (French: Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement)
ACACAssociation of College Admissions Counselors
ACACAlberta Colleges Athletics Conference (Canada)
ACACArkansas Community Arts Cooperative
ACACAmerican Council for Accredited Certification (Glendale, AZ)
ACACAir-Cooled Air Cooler (aviation)
ACACAssociation des Chasseurs À l'Arc du Cher (French hunting association)
ACACAccess Customer Advocate Center
ACACAssociation Champenoise des Automobiles de Collection (French automobile club)
ACACApparel Contractors Alliance of California
ACACAutomobile Club André Citroën (French automobile club)
ACACAutomated Direct Analog Computer
ACACAir Control Area Commander
ACACArmy Combined Arms Center
ACACArvada Child Advocacy Center
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Liberty President George DuBose praised Fitzgerald for his ACAC appointment, reiterating that his vast experience with Liberty in identifying and resolving large and complicated hotel, healthcare, multi-family and educational mold and moisture remediation projects will enable him to serve more effectively in his new position.
Chairman of the ACAC executive council Hamed Faraj has reviewed, at the session's sidelines, with Saif Al Suwaidi, Director-General of the UAE General Civil Aviation Authority possibility of resuming flights to Yemen.
ACAC's Director General Eng Mohammed El Alj also welcomed the members and thanked them for their constant support to the management in achieving the ACAC goals.
ACAC (1981) (Australian Conciliation and Arbitration Commission) Transcript, Public Transport Commission of NSW and Australian Railways Union, Case No.
The FANS system is being deployed in response to Bahrain's commitment to the Arabian Civil Aviation Conference (ACAC) FANS Implementation Group, which is coordinating the implementation of these services across the ACAC region.
ACAC GM Zhang Jian said the partnership with MTU "is based on independent innovation" and that ACAC will safeguard its own intellectual property.
The applicant unions, the Royal Australian Nursing Federation (RANF) and the Hospital Employees' Federation of Australia (HEF), supported by the Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU), sought a series of rulings from the ACAC, including one that the Commission apply the 1972 principle via the concept of comparable worth (5).
The ACAC will produce the main bodies, while the other three will make wings and other parts, Xinhua reported.
He was voted ACAC athlete of the month last November by the Canadian Colleges Athletic Association and has led the Huskies to a national ranking of second, and first-place.
The tonal patterns in the second and fourth syllables simply reversed and became ACAC and DADA respectively.
ACAC has forecast that it will build 500 aircraft over the life of the project, including business and cargo derivatives, and is being designed to meet the diverse operating conditions of hot temperatures and high altitudes found in China.
The forum will be held at Cardiff's Temple of Peace on October 24,and the head of the statutory curriculum body ACAC,John Valentine Williams,has agreed to address and respond to the forum.