ACACAAcetyl-Coa Carboxylase-Alpha
ACACAAustralia-China Agricultural Cooperation Agreement (agriculture, fishing and forestry agreement)
ACACAAustralian Curriculum, Assessment and Certification Authorities (secondary education)
ACACAAlberta Community Art Clubs Association (Canada)
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Alterations in mRNA abundance for GLUT4, IRS1, ACACA, FASN, FATP2, CD36, and G6PC observed in adipose and liver tissues, coupled with elevated insulin and leptin in male offspring, provide further evidence for developmental programming of MS in this model, though as noted previously, exposure may have continued after birth due to placental or lactational transfer.
0 mg/kg Cd and Hg (n = 17) for (4) GLUT4, (B) IRS1, (C) ACACA, and (D) FASN in abdominal adipose tissue and for (E) FATP2, (F) CD36, and (G) G6PC in liver tissue.
Although the levels of ACACA mRNA were significantly increased in cells treated with LG100268 but not with GW3965, CL-MGDG treatment significantly decreased ACACA mRNA levels in cells treated with each agonist.
The LXR/RXR heterodimer expression of the genes by binding to LXRE in the promoters of lipogenic-related genes such as FASN, and indirectly increases their transcription by up-regulating the expression of the gene encoding the transcription factor SREBF1 that regulates the expression of the genes involved in fatty acid synthesis, such as FASN, SCD, and ACACA (Schultz et al.
Minister Joyce said the ACACA programme had laid a strong foundation which should be used strategically to develop new opportunities presented by the ChinaAustralia Free Trade Agreement (ChAFTA).
Ours is a trading relationship built on mutual benefit and respect, and ACACA has been a key part of that relationship for more than 30 years, Minister Joyce said.
ACACA is highly expressed in adipose tissue, lactating mammary gland and liver (Ponce -Castaneda et al.
05--indicated that ACSL1, ABCA1, DHCR24, ACAT2, ACACA, ABCG1, ACAD9, ACACB, IDI1, PPARG, SCD, SCARB1, HMGCS1, EBP, DHCR7, FASN, HMGCR, and GPAM were down-regulated upon G treatment; whereas NR1H2, PPARA, INSIG2, CPTP1, APOE, VLDLR, ABCC2, and SREBF2 were activated after exposure to G (Fig.
05) down-regulated linearly or quadratically with the addition of palmitate (Table 4), and treatments with addition of 500 to 600 [micro]M palmitate had lower FASN, ACACA mRNA expressions than the control and those with addition of 200 to 400 [micro]M palmitate.
No se encontraron diferencias significativas de expresion para los genes FASN, ACACA y LEP, en contra de las evidencias previas en este sentido (Duran-Montge et al.
5] Human genes: FASN, fatty acid synthase; ACACA, acetyl-Coenzyme A carboxylase alpha; SREBF1, sterol regulatory element binding transcription factor 1 SCD, stearoyl-CoA desaturase (delta-9-desaturase).