ACACAAcetyl-Coa Carboxylase-Alpha
ACACAAustralia-China Agricultural Cooperation Agreement (agriculture, fishing and forestry agreement)
ACACAAustralian Curriculum, Assessment and Certification Authorities (secondary education)
ACACAAlberta Community Art Clubs Association (Canada)
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Bionaz and Loor (2008) reported that peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma (PPARG) which is one of members of the nuclear receptor transcription factors was up-regulated and the expression of genes involved in de novo fatty acid synthesis (acetylcoenzyme A carboxylase alpha (ACACA) and fatty acid synthase (FASN), fatty acid uptake and transport (Cluster of differentiation 36 (CD36) and Fatty acid-binding protein 3 (FABP3)) and desaturation (Stearoyl-CoA desaturase [SCD]) was stimulated during lactation (Bionaz and Loor, 2008b).
Real time PCR analysis showed a significant reduction in mRNA abundance for GLUT4, IRS1, ACACA and FASN in adipose tissue of male offspring of treated females compared with controls (p < 0.05; Figure 5A-D; n = 11 for controls and n = 17 for treated offspring).
In particular, the upregulation of those involved in de novo lipogenesis, such as Srebfl, Ppara, Pparg, Nr1h3, Acaca, and Fasn, was significantly blunted in Pr[2x.sub.7.sup.-/-] mice, as compared with WT animals.
This treatment significantly inhibited the expression of SCD1 and SREBF1, which mediate lipogenesis, and tended to decrease expression of ACACA (Fig.
The current study suggests the presence of an association among milk production and genetic polymorphism in the exon I region of Acetyl Coenzyme A Carboxylase a (ACACA) in Iranian indigenous Mahabadi goat.
The webpage of the Australasian Curriculum, Assessment and Certification Authorities (ACACA; list-of-acaca-authorities/) has links to the organisations responsible for examinations.
Measurements of those cells taken at 15 weeks of age showed that social isolation stimulated significant increases in the expression of three genes-Hk2 (hexokinase), Acly (ATP citrate lyase) and Acaca (acetyl-CoA carboxykase).
However compared with WC group, EC group showed significantly higher mRNA expression of ACC (encoded by gene Acaca) (P = 0.007), SREBP-1c (encoded by gene Srebf1) (P < 0.001), and SREBP-2 (encoded by gene Srebf2) (P = 0.048) (Figures 1 and 3), while there was no significant difference in TFL or TCL group for all these gene expressions compared with WC group.
Inuagana (uninhabited); Acaca (uninhabited) and Selani (inhabited): Marianas Islands.
In the study by Peter et al., the hepatic-TG DNL index was also associated with expression of the hepatic lipogenic genes acetyl-Coenzyme A carboxylase alpha (ACACA), fatty acid synthase (FASN), and sterol regulatory element binding transcription factor 1 (SREBP-1), and changes in the expression of these genes were also closely reflected by the VLDL-TG DNL index.