ACADAAutomatic Chemical Agent Detector/Alarm (former definition)
ACADAAutomatic Chemical Agent Alarm (current definition)
ACADAAvery Citizens Against Domestic Abuse (Newland, NC)
ACADAAmis-Collectionneurs d'Anciens Documents Agricoles (French vintage document collectors club)
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Proper torque specifications are detailed in the ACADA direct-support maintenance manual.
More than 6,000 ACADAs were in service in Iraq during the 2003 conflict.
The Ship ACADA system has been proven to work very well in the shipboard environment," pointed out STR Executive Vice President and General Manager Edward Kessler.
ACADA was developed under an IPT (Integrated Product Team) with SBCCOM and Smiths Detection which bas produced the most reliable and trusted chemical detector in history.
Under the initial $10 million order, Smiths Detection is supplying the US Army with its GID-3[TM] chemical agent detectors, selected for the ACADA program.
JCAD is a fraction of the size of the ACADA and can actually be attached to your uniform.
Smiths Detection has an outstanding record of producing advanced chemical detection units, deploying over 130,000 chemical detectors around the world, including more than 41,000 GID-3 units supplied since 1998 to fulfil the DoD's ACADA program.
Smiths Detection has a strong history of protecting military forces from chemical threats, deploying over 120,000 chemical detectors around the world, including more than 30,000 GID-3 units supplied since 1998 to fulfil the Department of Defense ACADA program.
Flexible and Accurate ACADA Units Can be Carried, Mounted or Remotely Deployed to Warn Soldiers of the Presence of Chemical Warfare Agents
For an ACADA not going into a Stryker, enter NSN 6665-01-438-6963 with LIN A33020.
Remember that the ICAM is just the opposite of the ACADA when it comes to testing.
This opportunity will allow both companies to promote their highly differentiated products and services which will include such items as the Technest Holdings ACADA chemical detector and M22 ACADA simulators.