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ACAIAdvanced Course on Artificial Intelligence (European Coordinating Committee for Artificial Intelligence)
ACAIAssociazione Cristiana Artigiani Italiani (Italian: Italian Christian Artisans Association)
ACAIAmerican College of Allergy and Immunology
AcAiAs Cold As Ice (gaming clan)
ACAIAssociazione Calabrese Archeologia Industriale (Italian: Calabrese Industrial Archeology Association; Calabria, Italy)
ACAIAssociacio Catalana d'Intelligencia Artificial (Catalan Association for Artificial Intelligence)
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Zola is also the maker of the fastest selling Organic Acai Juices in the United States including Acai Original, Acai with Blueberry and Acai with Pomegranate.
Acai is well known for helping with weight management because it gives the metabolism a real boost.
The 12 new drinks contain high nutrient fruits such as red grapes, watermelon and pink grapefruit, stevia - a natural, calorie-free sweetener - mineral rich coconut water, blueberries and acai berries.
In their book chapter, Poulose and Shukitt-Hale report that published scientific tests and analyses have shown that acai fruit and pulp contain other phytochemicals, including different flavonoids, phenolic acids, and stilbenes; and nutrients, including vitamin A, beta-carotene, copper, iron, retinol, calcium, protein, and fiber.
In the US and Europe, acai is consumed in a variety of ways--pulp, juice, smoothies, energy shots, energy drinks, and much more," said Rodrigo Bosco Correa, the marketing manager for Acai Roots, one of the leading exporters of acai products from Brazil to the US (NOTE--SPELLING IS CORRECT).
Yet, foreign trade accounted for less than five percent of the Amazon's acai pulp production in 2009, and while growth is steady, it pales when compared with growth inside Brazil.
In addition, there are conflicting reports regarding the amount of antioxidants in the acai berries, ranging from medium to high levels.
Acai fruit, also referred to as the 'Ultimate Super-Food' or 'Brazilian Berry', comes from the rich Brazilian rainforest.
von Imhof, who co-owns Acai Alaska in Anchorage, anticipated an eager response to their Groupon offer of $6 for $12 worth of products last November.
We show that whatever is in acai that is lengthening lifespan, it can also keep the flies functioning better for longer when faced with paraquat exposure.
Puree of acai berry, which is thought to be a source of antioxidants, was used for its good flavor.