ACANAAfrican Cultural Alliance of North America (est. 1999)
ACANAAssyrian Chaldean Athletics of North America (various locations)
ACANAAfrican, Chicano, Asian, Native American
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We've confronted concerns within our industry and to government agencies with respect to regulation," said ACANA Chairman David McCown.
With a focus on best practices and an eye towards leading regulatory efforts, ACANA offers value to consumers of air charter," said Brent Moldowan, ACANA vice president.
The experience of serving in both the industry and ACANA led to Thomas selection.
Thomas said, "Throughout the years, ACANA has taken the lead on educating its members and industry peers of the evolving regulatory environment as related to the DOT NPRM (Notice of Proposed Rule Making) on Air Charter Brokers by hosting panel discussions at the Annual NBAA Convention.