ACANEAmerican Camping Association of New England
ACANEAfrican Community Advice North East (UK)
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Gaby Kitoko from ACANE said: "The young people were very pleased to receive the camera from the Northumbria Police Charities Fund.
ACANE supports people from the black community and brings African music into schools and care homes.
We hope that by sending this letter on behalf of the ACANE we are offering these children the chance to play and learn and be with other children at summer camp -- in other words, to get away from it all for just a little while.
Interested families are being asked to call the ACANE as soon as possible to discuss the individual needs and interests of their children.
ACANE surveyed one third of the 300 accredited camps in New England with the following results:
A NIGHT of Reggae and African music is in prospect when the Jumpin'' Hot Club teams up with the Nigerian Society from Newcastle University and African organisation ACANE this month.
Si l'on regarde les articles << Acanes >>, << Zanfara >>, << Agades >> ou d'autres, on voit que les editions de 1758, 1782, 1799 et 1809 reproduisent le meme texte que celle de 1747.
ACanes with cotton tightly tied between them work well, but keep the cotton taut or the birds could get tangled up in it.