ACAPOAssociação de Cegos e Amblíopes de Portugal
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The authors are grateful for the support provided by Associacao dos Cegos e Ambliopes de Portugal (ACAPO), the Portuguese association for people with visual impairments.
Martin Silva understood the practical benefits of unity when he formed the Alliance of Portuguese Clubs and Associations of Ontario (ACAPO) in 1986.
Many community pundits associated ACAPO with the political affiliation of its main promoters, identifying it as a haven for the NOP (in which both Martin Silva and Domingos Marques presided).
Now that ACAPO was actively seeking the same, the chances of success were lowered.
In 1991, ACAPO, the FPCBP, the Canada-Portugal Chamber of Commerce, the University of Toronto Student Association, and PIN assembled an organizing committee to set up a national conference to discuss the creation of an umbrella organization.
Finnish-based PMJ automec has won a EUR6.1m contract to supply production automation equipment to ACAPO Ltd.
A board member of PMJ automec, Markku Jokela, has a 43.3% stake in ACAPO through his investment company.