ACARDAdvisory Council for Applied Research and Development (UK)
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The sample was obtained randomly--by referral, proximity, or relationship to each new participant--such that trans workers and users of ACARD services, UFES students, and HUCAM patients were part of the study.
(1989), `Barriers to Growth: the ACARD STudy', in Barber, J., Metcalfe, J., and Porteous, M.
ACARD expert Trans-National, which organises a lot of these "affinity" cards, says you really need a membership of at least 10,000 to make it work.
ACARD shop assistant who enjoyed helping out at the hardware store next door took her opportunity to become the boss when the owner decided to retire.
He said:"I hope when the referee goes home and watches it on the TV he will see it was a foul but I didn't deserve acard.He made a mistake.
Rob-son said: ``Shearer said to the referee, `before you take acard, go and have a wordwith Whitlow'.
If you want a credit card for spending on, as well as a balance transfer, look for acard that offers an equal zero per cent deal for both purposes.
"A lot of their players, including Ronaldo, went to the referee to ask for acard and I thought that in itself was abooking offence as so much has been made about fair play in this competition.