ACAREAdvisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe (EU)
ACAREAfrican Centres of Agricultural Research Excellence
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More than 1,000 ACARE participants are regularly reporting their HBPM data.
This is chiefly due to the growing demand for fuel-efficient aircrafts and certain environmental norms, such as EPA regulations and ACARE emission targets.
ACARE home company is threatening legal action against Birmingham City Council if plans for a new 60-bed facility in Sutton Coldfield are not approved.
ACARE worker who has played a major part in helping people with learning difficulties to live more independent lives has had his work officially recognised.
In May 2008, the Technical University of Berlin published a study commissioned by the German environment ministry estimating that aircraft would not meet the ACARE objectives until 2050.
The thrust of the meeting will be on developments towards higher thermal and propulsive efficiency, with signatories to ACARE sharing knowledge gained from R&D projects at UK and EU levels.
Rolls-Royce collaboration in the CLEEN programme further enables the company's drive to meet ACARE (Advisory Council for Aeronautics Research in Europe) established targets of reducing CO2 and noise by half and NOx by 80 per cent by 2020, relative to a baseline for technology in 2000.
ACARE home resident who had eaten chlorine tablets had to wait more than three hours for an ambulance, an inquest has heard.
ACARE home and its former director have been fined thousands of pounds after a judge ruled that "little or nothing" was done to manage a vulnerable pensioner's health needs.
ACARE worker who uses music to communicate more easily with the people he supports is in line for a major care award.
We should specify that ACARE concerns available technologies rather than aircraft in service.