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ACASSArchitect-Engineer Contract Administration Support System
ACASSAudible Cycle Alert Safety Signal (packaging machine feature)
ACASSAlberta Congenital Anomalies Surveillance System
ACASSAll Corporate Aviation Support Services
ACASSArchitect-Engineer Contract Appraisal Support System (Army contracting)
ACASSAdvanced Close Air Support System
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In this context and as per conditions laid down under the ACASS, the SFWF is providing necessary assistance, in the form of fertilizers, to planters registered under the Scheme and whose crops have been damaged.
This action meets with the fundamental objectives of the ACASS which are to ensure the sustainability of small planters by assisting them to restart plantation promptly after a calamity hence reducing the breach in food production, stabilise their revenues and promote national food security.
With pilot expertise in medium to large business jet aircraft, including: Bombardier Global Series, Dassault Falcon Series, Bombardier Challenger Series, Gulfstream Series, Bombardier Learjet Series, Cessna Citation Series, Boeing BBJ, Airbus ACJ and Hawker-Beechcraft Series, ACASS is currently seeking new clients in the US, including aircraft management companies and Fortune 500 corporations operating in-house flight departments.
To promote the launch of its new US services, ACASS is offering a special promotion: Clients entering a 15-day service contract will enjoy an average savings of 25% as compared to daily rates, depending on variables including flight plans and aircraft types.
The ACASS service offering accommodates urgent client needs without incurring the large costs associated with training, insurance, payroll and benefits," said Nick Houseman, Managing Director, USA, ACASS.
Founded in 1994, ACASS is a leading international supplier of corporate aviation services.