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ACATAcyl CoA (Coenzyme A): Cholesterol Acyltransferase
ACATArea Concentration Achievement Test
ACATAutomated Computerized Axial Tomography
ACATAccreditation Council for Accounting and Taxation
ACATAcademy of Communications Arts and Technology
ACATAutomated Compliance Assessment Tool
ACATAdvisory Committee on Accessible Transit (Toronto, Canada)
ACATAcetyl CoA (Coenzyme A): Acetyltransferase
ACATAction by Christians for the Abolition of Torture (Paris, France)
ACATAcquisition Category
ACATAged Care Assessment Team (Australian medical term)
ACATAutomated Customer Account Transfer
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The ACAT Board of Directors recommends that a candidate have a minimum educational background of two years of college-level accounting or four years of work experience in accounting.
This year, ACAT will make some revisions in its Comprehensive Examination for Accreditation in Accountancy in order to measure the knowledge, skills and abilities ranked as most important from ACAT's practice analysis study of 1996-97.
If an affiliated state organization does not have the political clout or the know-how to persuade the state legislature to mandate an additional class of accounting licensee besides the CPA, then accreditation by ACAT is the next best thing available.
The best endorsement for ACAT is the individual credential holder explaining accreditation to the individual client' she concludes.
ACAT, and most other certification bodies, use content validation as the basis for documenting the appropriateness of the examination.
An opportunity to earn the Accredited Business Accountant[R] (or Accredited Business Advisor[R]) designation through a special administration of the ACAT Comprehensive Examination for Accreditation in Accountancy.
NSA has made reaching this level a little easier by bringing the ACAT Review Course and examination to you in conjunction with the annual convention.
Christopher Coombs as the ACAT IC systems program manager for the MQ-1 & MQ-9 Unmanned Aircraft Systems Programs on Oct.
For testing, ACAT uses "instruction sheets" (manuals), made for human workers, and translates these into a robot-executable format.
While that is true for ACAT there is at least one metric that still shows some room for growth.
The following year, ACAT won a National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences grant to continue work at the island.
To gain access to nursing homes, hostels or community service packages, a person must be assessed by an ACAT.