ACBARAgency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief
ACBARArcminute Cosmology Bolometer Array Receiver
ACBARAutomatic Call-Back/Automatic Return (telecommunication backbone routers)
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military reservists with limited language skills, low knowledge of Afghan community dynamics and limited experience of Afghanistan generally," the ACBAR statement charged.
Unlike the ground-based ACBAR, the satellite has examined the microwave background over the entire sky.
ACBAR probes the detailed physics during the time that photons from the microwave background were beginning to be set free from matter and that acoustic oscillations were starting to be damped out, he notes.
Ahmad Farid Niazai who was working with a foreign organisation till three months ago and is now out of work says he regularly searches the ACBAR website but has not found anything suitable.
The ACBAR coordinates 31 Afghan NGOs and 29 international NGOs, including two from Japan.
In a statement, ACBAR said as the international community and Afghan government were going to discuss issues such as mutual accountability, governance, political reform, stamping out corruption, and a roadmap for reliable and long term aid at next month's Tokyo summit, the provision of basic services must continue and be expanded to reach all Afghans in need.
With all the economic, political and security uncertainty that Afghans feel as the transition process unfold, access to services in a safe and dignified way, must be assured to communities across the country," concluded ACBAR director.
From 1996 to 1998, he worked as Senior Programme Officer for ACBAR in Kabul, responsible for ensuring the coordination of NGO activities and the facilitation of liaison with central line ministries.
At a joint news conference with Minister of Agriculture, Irrigation and Livestock Mohammad Asif Rahimi and the director of ACBAR here on Tuesday,the UN official lamented violence against aid workers.
ACBAR representative Laurent Saillard said as many as 38 aid workers had been killed or - an average of five people a month -- during the current year in the country, where an estimated 7.
The agency believed measures were needed to enhance aid effectiveness set out in the recent ACBAR report including full transparency, indicators and targets with monitoring of aid effectiveness, more effective coordination mechanisms and greater equity in distribution.
An estimated 40% of aid goes back to donor countries in corporate profits and consultant salaries, some $6 billion since 2001, according to ACBAR.