ACBARAgency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief
ACBARArcminute Cosmology Bolometer Array Receiver
ACBARAutomatic Call-Back/Automatic Return (telecommunication backbone routers)
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Bock et al., "Estimates of cosmological parameters using the cosmic microwave background angular power spectrum of ACBAR," Astrophysical Journal, vol.
"So far this year the number of insurgent attacks, bombings and other violent incidents is up by approximately 50 per cent on the same period last year," said Acbar, a grouping of about 100 Afghan and international non-governmental organisations.
But the European Commission said the ACBAR report miscalculated the aid commitment and distribution figures.
What the ACBAR report makes damningly clear is that some 40 per cent of the aid money finds its way back to the donor countries, one way or another, mainly in the form of salaries to expatriates.
The Network initially worked out of the Afghan Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief (ACBAR), the main NGO coordinating body, but more recently was able to rent an independent office in Peshawar and expand its activities.
Under the leadership of the Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief (ACBAR), NGOs are now upset by the American military decision to send Provincial Reconstruction Teams (PRTs), composed of members of the U.S.
In December, the Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief, or ACBAR, issued a statement complaining that using military units to provide humanitarian assistance will "deflect attention from Afghanistan's deteriorating security situation and engage the military in a range of activities for which others are better suited."
The new evidence comes from the Arcminute Cosmology Bolometer Array Receiver (ACBAR), a South Pole network of 16 detectors that probes the temperature of the Big Bang's remnant radiation, known as the cosmic microwave background.
by Pajhwok reporter on 1 May, 2014 - 18:48 KABUL (Pajhwok): The Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief (ACBAR) on Thursday called for an end to violence against aid workers.