ACBDAustralian Centre for Blood Diseases (Monash University Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences; Melbourne, Victoria, Australia)
ACBDAPEC (Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation) Customs-Business Dialogue
ACBDAssociation Canadienne des Bibliotheques de Droit (French: Canadian Association of Law Libraries; Ontario, Canada)
ACBDAlways Consult before Deciding
ACBDAlternating Current Breakdown Strength (electronics)
ACBDActive Commission Base Date
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The group I included about 11 isolates with circular colony and smooth margin, which were AcPb, AcNd, AcHl, AcBd, AcJl, AcYt, AcDl, AcBl, AcAm, AcNb and AcJg.
However, it was excellent (++++) in about eight isolates viz., AcNd, AcHl, AcAb, AcYt, AcWs, AcAn, AcBl and AcJg; good (+++) in seven isolates viz, AcPb, AcOs, AcBd, AcJl, AcAk, AcLt and AcNs and fair (++) in five isolates viz., AcSt, AcDl, AcAm, AcNb and AcSl.
However, maximum mycelial width was recorded in AcLt (6.46 [micro]m) isolate, followed by the isolates viz., AcAk (6.30 [micro]m), AcBd (6.10 [micro]m), AcSt (5.89 [micro]m), AcAb (5.70 [micro]m) and AcYt (5.40 [micro]m).
Among these isolates, highest average conidial size (length X breadth) was recorded in the isolate AcAk (50.32 X 15.02 [micro]m), followed by the isolates viz., AcLt (45.80 X 14.62 [micro]m), AcBd (41.45 X 16.06 pm), AcBl (40.35 X 13.06 [micro]m), AcAb (39.40 X 15.31 pm), AcAn (39.11 X 13.56 [micro]m) and AcPb (38.30 X 15.62 [micro]m).
However, it was highest in the isolate AcHl (16.43 [micro]m), followed by the isolates viz., AcLt (15.24 [micro]m), AcAk(14.65 [micro]m), AcBl (14.34 [micro]m), AcAn (13.45 [micro]m), AcBd (13.03 [micro]m), AcJg (12.96 [micro]m) and AcAb (12.04 [micro]m).
Accordingly, in group A the isolates (04) included were AcHl, AcAn, AcBl and AcJg; in group B the isolates (12) included were AcPb, AcNd, AcSt, AcOs, AcAb, AcWs, AcAk, AcLt, AcBd, AcJl, AcYt and AcSl and in group C the isolates (04) included were viz., AcAm, AcNb, AcDl and AcNs.
In group C of less virulent isolates, the leaf spot frequency was ranged from 5.00 (AcDl) to 13.33 (AcAb) per plant; however, it was significantly maximum with the isolate AcLt (12.50), followed by AcAk (11.00), AcOs (10.67), AcSt (10.50), AcBd (9.67) and AcYt (9.00).
If S satisfies the identity abc = acb, the WS(S, B) satisfies the identity abcd = acbd.
Must retire at 20 years as a LCDR (2xfos with continuation granted), if a CDR after 28 years of service or if CAPT at 30 years of service from your Active Commissioning Base Date (ACBD) or at age 62.
Look for the (ADSD) on Block 20 and (ACBD) in block 19 of your ODC.
In this case, the Active Duty Start Date (ADSD) is before the Active Commissioning Base Date (ACBD).