ACBFAfrican Capacity Building Foundation
ACBFFondation pour le renforcement des capacités en Afrique
ACBFAnterior Cervical Bony Fusion
ACBFAutoregulation of Cerebral Blood Flow (brain research)
ACBFAC-Rich Binding Factor
ACBFAutogenous Cortical Bone Fragments
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ACBF supports capacity building initiatives in Africa through investments in capacity building institutions; technical assistance for capacity building projects and programmes; and engagement in knowledge and learning activities.
The ACBF sees itself as the fourth devel- opment institution in the continent, along- side the AU, the ECA and the AfDB, and as a critical component to help create the capacity to implement the strategies devised at the highest levels.
Dr Anthony Mothae Maruping, commissioner for economic affairs at the African Union, highlighted how the AU had been working with the ACBF in assessing the capacity requirements for implementing Agenda 2063.
Namibia sees the establishment of the ACBF as a response to severity of Africa's capacity constraints and the challenge to invest in indigenous human capital and institutions in sub Saharan Africa," said Alweendo.
The MOU also encourages partnership between ACBF and NEPAD to enhance collaboration and streamlining of capacity development initiatives.
An ACBF study on the capacity needed to achieve the First Ten-Year Plan of Agenda 2063 has shown that the continent lacks over 4.
The Roadmap covers the identification of joint Strategic priorities of RECs, IDEA and ACBF, areas for programmatic, technical and substantive assistance, common institutional, organizational, human resource, knowledge learning and management programmes.
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The African Development Bank (AfDB), Founding members of the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF), will participate in the ACBF Summit marking its 20th Anniversary, from 8-9 February, 2011 in Kigali, Rwanda, on the theme EoACA[pounds sterling]The Future of Africa is Now
Winning the two ACBF Awards is testament to the fact we can turn innovation into commercial reality and, in addition to improving patient care, we are also creating jobs and adding value to the local economy.
The Head of the African Capacity Building Foundation (ACBF), Professor Emmanuel Nnadozie has reaffirmed the ACBFs support to Liberia particularly focusing on empowering women in agriculture, supporting macroeconomic forecasting capacity of the Ministry of Finance and Development Planning, and providing support for the revitalization of the Liberia Macroeconomic Policy Analysis Center (LIMPAC) to become a robust and independent research think tank in Liberia.