ACBFAfrican Capacity Building Foundation
ACBFFondation pour le renforcement des capacités en Afrique
ACBFAir-Cooled Blast Furnace (slag; construction material)
ACBFAnterior Cervical Bony Fusion
ACBFAutoregulation of Cerebral Blood Flow (brain research)
ACBFAutogenous Cortical Bone Fragments
ACBFAC-Rich Binding Factor
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The ACBF executive board approved a grant of $2m on 15 December 2006 to support Phase III of the Institut de Developpement Economique (IDEC), a policy think-tank in Burundi.
The ACBF is based in the Zimbabwean capital, Harare.
ACBF supports capacity building initiatives in Africa through investments in capacity building institutions; technical assistance for capacity building projects and programmes; and engagement in knowledge and learning activities.
The ACBF sees itself as the fourth devel- opment institution in the continent, along- side the AU, the ECA and the AfDB, and as a critical component to help create the capacity to implement the strategies devised at the highest levels.
Dr Anthony Mothae Maruping, commissioner for economic affairs at the African Union, highlighted how the AU had been working with the ACBF in assessing the capacity requirements for implementing Agenda 2063.
Namibia sees the establishment of the ACBF as a response to severity of Africa's capacity constraints and the challenge to invest in indigenous human capital and institutions in sub Saharan Africa," said Alweendo.
Frannie Leautier Executive Secretary on behalf of ACBF.
Sharon Warmington and Peter Morrison, from BioFuels International, with Sandra Croasdale, of ACBF
Sandra Croasdale, chairwoman and founder of ACBF, said: "The African Caribbean business community is one of the most enterprising in the world and BioFuels is a perfect example of this and its products range offer a green alternative to more conventional fuels.