ACBJAmerican City Business Journals, Inc.
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For more than three decades, ACBJ has been the nation's largest publisher of local business news and information, deploying more than 500 journalists across 43 major US cities.
Newhouse Jr., chairman of Advance Publications, ACBJ's parent company.
As part of the alliance, Microsoft has acquired a minority interest in, the ACBJ subsidiary that operates the St.
The site was launched in June 1996 under the name "" and currently represents approximately 40 percent of the content and stories found in the 41 weekly ACBJ papers.
In addition, this month ACBJ has acquired Interzine Publications (South Norwalk, CT), the producer of The Sports Business Daily, a daily electronic magazine launched earlier this year.
Shaw, along with partner Ed Gaylord, acquired majority ownership of ACBJ in 1989.
ACBJ said that HMN operations will remain in Bennington.
Louis Business Journal, one of the 41 weekly business journals published by the American City Business Journals (ACBJ), began offering same-sex domestic-partner health insurance benefits starting New Year's day
The Benito Juarez Civic Association (ACBJ), based in Fresno, is one of the oldest Mixtec associations in California.
(ACBJ), the nation's leading publisher of weekly business newspapers, has announced that local business news from 28 of America's most dynamic markets is now available for access and retrieval through a coordinated network of 30 World Wide Web sites.
Mentoring Monday is an event conducted nationally by ACBJ Business Journals, and carried out locally via the Triangle Business Journal.
ACBJ also owns publications that cater to motorsports readers, sports readers, and collector car enthusiasts.