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ACBLAmerican Contract Bridge League
ACBLAtlantic Collegiate Baseball League (National Alliance of Summer Baseball)
ACBLAfghan Campaign to Ban Landmines
ACBLAmerican Commercial Barge Line LLC
ACBLAssociation of Commercial Banks of Latvia (est. 1992)
ACBLAdult Community Based Learning (UK)
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I was instrumental in creating budgets for multiple departments at ACBL. I worked with our IT staff to create an app that we could use to process membership renewals while accepting credit card payments.
The ACBL consists of about eight demining groups including the U.N.-affiliated Afghan Technical Consultants, four of whose members were killed when their office in Kabul was hit during U.S.
Like Chip, Kit is a member of the ACBL Hall of Fame, inducted in 2005.
In 2015, when the bridge world was rocked with the cheating scandals, Kit was instrumental in helping the ACBL catch the guilty parties.
However, it was significantly highest in isolate AcHl (90.00 mm), followed by the isolates viz., AcBl (89.67 mm), AcAn (88.83 mm) all three were at par, AcJg (88.00 mm), AcPb (87.00 mm) both were at par, AcNd (86.50 mm), AcWs (85.50 mm) both were at par and AcOs (83.67 mm).
Group I consisted four isolates with creamy white colony (AcPb, AcOs, AcSl and AcJg), group II contained of four isolates with creamy black colony (AcNd, AcAb, AcAn and AcDl), group III consisted two isolates with off white colony (AcHl and AcSt), group IV consisted two isolates with grayish black colony (AcBd and AcYt), group V consisted two isolates with light gray colony (AcJl and AcNs), group VI consisted three isolates with brown colony (AcWs, AcAk and AcBl), group VII consisted two isolates with olivaceous black colony (AcLt and AcNb) and group VIII consisted a single isolate with yellowish colony (AcAm).
In fast growing category, the seven isolates included were AcPb, AcNd, AcHl, AcWs, AcAn, AcBl and AcJg; medium/moderate growing category the six isolates included were AcSt, AcOs, AbBd, AcAb, AcAk and AcLt and in slow growing category the seven isolates included were AcJl, AcYt, AcDl, AcAm, AcNb, AcNs and AcSl.
Askari Commercial Bank Ltd.: ACBL has earned a pretax profit of Rs.754 million during the year ended Dec.
ACBL transacted foreign trade business of Rs.26 billion during the year under review showing a hike of 34% over 1996.
A winner of many World and National events, Chip was inducted into the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) Hall of Fame in 2014.
The Bank earned international recognition when Euromoney declared ACBL as "Best Domestic Bank of Pakistan - 1995" while Asiamoney declared it as "Commercial Bank of the year in Pakistan 1995" The Bank is now operating with 20 branches which are fully automated and providing a wide range of banking services and innovative financial projects.
Scores were determined to be incorrect due to an error that happened with the ACBL tournament at the same time as the Friday duplicate bridge game.