ACCAMAccommodation Amenities (Australia)
ACCAMAustralian Certificate of Civil Aviation Medicine
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The contract has as its object the supply, including transportation and handling, and storage tanks in the exhaust system ACCAM SpA, sodium hydroxide title to get to 30% solubilization of the anhydrous product in deionized water with conductivity less than 10ms system for flue gas treatment plant ACCAM SpA.
The activities covered by the contract is the supply, including transportation and activities until the exhaust system in the storage tanks ACCAM SpA Urea 45% NOx OUT Specified Fuel Tech, to get to solubilization in deionized water with a conductivity average of less than 10 mS, for the system of flue gas treatment plant ACCAM SpA
The contract is divided into two lots of equal amount, relates to the service of collection, transportation and treatment aimed at the recovery of the organic fraction (ERC 20/01/08) intercepted by the collection made at the civil users and large commercial users by municipalities Members of ACCAM SpA