ACCANAustralasian Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect (Department of Families, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs; Australia)
ACCANAfrican Caribbean Community Action Network (UK)
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A pesar de que el ACCAN incluye obligaciones sobre medidas ambientales, esto no impide, por ejemplo, la exportacion de sustancias como los pesticidas, que son prohibidos en el pais que los fabrica.
Three papers are the work of international authorities on child protection, based on their keynote addresses to ACCAN. Their ideas work well together, looking to a way forward from their different perspectives.
The four ACCAN papers cover many levels of work and understanding of child abuse and neglect.
The new agreement will allow ACCAN to continue providing representation to consumers across Australia on telecommunications issues.
ACCAN is Australia's peak communications consumer group providing information and representation for all Australians on telecommunications.
The Government has delivered on ongoing funding to ACCAN. This will enable: improved engagement between ACCAN, regulatory agencies and industry; and enhancements to the independent grants research program administered by ACCAN to guide research priorities; and the removal of funding caps and time limits for research projects to provide greater flexibility and allow for longer-term research proposals.
ACCAN is currently the sole recipient of funding under section 593.
consumer representation and the effectiveness of ACCAN, the independent grants program and research, currently administered by ACCAN, the scope of Section 593 of the Act, and whether other activities should be funded beyond consumer representation and research.
Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) CEO Teresa Corbin said that while the standard is especially designed for use by public sector bodies in the procurement process, she believes there is application in the private sector.
Speaking today at the ACCAN Connecting Today s Consumer Conference in Sydney, Group Managing Director Telstra Consumer, Karsten Wildberger said the new portal was designed to help everyone, but particularly older Australians and people with disability, to easily find the features that may make it easier for them to connect.
It is exciting to announce this new initiative at the annual ACCAN conference, as the idea to develop this site was born at the ACCAN-Telstra conference held in August 2013, Mr Wildberger said.
A new five-year funding deed has also been agreed that will provide the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network (ACCAN) over $2 million a year up to 2017.