ACCCEAmerican Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity
ACCCEAssociation of Consulting Chemists and Chemical Engineers (New York, NY)
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Miller founded ACCCE to advance coal as an energy source as it became evident that U.
Instead, ACCCE believes a single federal program is much easier to adapt elsewhere to address what is a global challenge.
A summary of NERA's report is available on the ACCCE website at: http://www.
ACCCE also supports enhanced public and private sector efforts to develop and deploy new, advanced clean coal technologies that protect and improve the environment.
This is the first-ever sponsorship of a NASCAR team for ACCCE, which supports energy policies that balance coal's role in supplying the United States with affordable and reliable electricity.
People came from all over the country to learn about how coal is the driving force of America's energy future," said Evan Tracey, senior vice president for communications of ACCCE.
More than a dozen states brought this case forward, and ACCCE commends them for the hard work and commitment they have shown in standing up for balanced environmental policies.
On behalf of ACCCE members and supporters, we thank him for his service, for his dedication, and for his success in support of America's most valuable energy asset.
Under the sponsorship, JR Motorsports cars feature ACCCE logos, and members of the race team, including Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
In response, ACCCE president and CEO Steve Miller released the following statement:
The President used to say the right things about coal, now millions of Americans need him to do the right things about coal," said Evan Tracey, Senior Vice President, Communications of ACCCE.
Under the sponsorship, JR Motorsports cars will feature ACCCE logos, and members of the race team will be working with ACCCE to inform and educate Americans about the importance of coal and clean coal technology.