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ACCDAlamo Community College District (Texas)
ACCDArt Center College of Design (Los Angeles, CA)
ACCDAgència Catalana de Cooperació al Desenvolupament (Catalan Development Cooperation Agency)
ACCDAlberta Committee of Citizens with Disabilities (Canada)
ACCDAmerican Coalition of Citizens with Disabilities
ACCDAgency of Commerce and Community Development (Vermont)
ACCDAssociation for Christian Character Development
ACCDArab Council for Childhood and Development
ACCDAcademy of CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/Computer-Aided Manufacturing) Dentistry
ACCDAnimal Care and Control Department (various locations)
ACCDAdvisory Committee on Cultural Diplomacy (US State Department)
ACCDAudit Consulting Center for Development (Tbilisi, Georgia)
ACCDAircraft Compatibility Control Drawing
ACCDApproximate Coupled Cluster Method (double substitution)
ACCDAdvanced Communications and Countermeasures Division
ACCDAutomation of Course Curriculum Documentation
ACCDAirborne Command & Control Display
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The correlation between ACCD and C is analyzed by formula (24), (25) Pearson correlation analysis and Spearman rank correlation analysis.
Speaking further, Azour, who is an expert in children rights and protection from Egypt, noted that based on ACCD studies conducted in nine Arabian countries last year, there is limited intervention in family affairs.
Funds offered by Proteccion Fund name Abbreviation Investment profile High liquidity fixed RFPAL Short term fixed income income investments, mostly in pesos Long term fixed income RFLP Domestic and foreign fixed income--medium and long term Long term fixed income RFDLP Long term fixed income in USD investments, in USD Short term fixed income RFDCP Short term fixed income investments, in USD Short term fixed income RFECP Short term fixed income in Euros global investments, in Euros Colombian equities ACCP Equities listed in Colombia, in pesos USD denominated equities ACCD Equities that trade in the main U.
Qualified high school students generally earn 27 to 31 college-level hours through the ACCD dual credit program.
The ACCD was a loose group of scientists, animal welfare experts, veterinarians, and others with an interest in this line of research and its application to the control of dog and cat populations.
87) Some of these important recordings have been re-released on the compact disc La voz y; guitarra de Guty Cardenas, 1928-1932: El ruisenor yucateco (Alma Criolla Records, CD ACCD 80l; United States release); also see Alvaro Vega, coordinator, and Enrique Martin, ed.
Arkadin customers participating in the ACCD scheme promote the notion of replacing business travel with conference calls on a nominated day.
ACCD board chairman Robert "Tinker" Garza, former ACCD trustee Donald McClure, former City Councilmen Enrique Martin and Raul Prado, political aide John Delgado and architect Louis Cruz also were indicted on charges of felony bribery, vote-rigging and organized crime.
Buoyed by their success, the ACCD in 1957 established ACTION-Housing (the Allegheny Council to Improve our Neighborhoods-Housing).
Spokesperson for the ACCD, Richard Harris said 'The Prime Minister has declared that his government will not sell out the agriculture industry.
This plan for San Antonio College (SAC) (Texas), a college of the Alamo Community College District (ACCD), offers vision and mission statements for both ACCD and SAC.