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ACCENTAtmospheric Composition Change: The European Network of Excellence
ACCENTA Crohn's Disease Clinical Trial Evaluating Infliximab in a New Long-Term Treatment Regimen (biologic therapy study)
ACCENTASN.1 Coprocessor Cell for European Networking Technology
ACCENTAutogenetically-Controlled Cesium (or Colloid) Electro-Nuclear Thrust (system)
ACCENTAssociation of Centres of Excellence in Foreign Language Training
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Upon these rules of accent and alliteration the strict form of Anglo-Saxon verse was based.
I looked up in amazement; the voice was a voice of Albion; the accent was pure and silvery ; it only wanted firmness, and assurance, to be the counterpart of what any well-educated lady in Essex or Middlesex might have enounced, yet the speaker or reader was no other than Mdlle.
There lay in the accents of the wretched man so profound a consciousness of his misery, that she had not the strength to say a word.
You don't think I talk with a Yankee accent, do you, Miss Shirley, ma'am?
Joan decided that she had been helped to identify the accent by the short German-looking moustache that did not conceal the mouth and its full red lips, which would have formed a Cupid's bow but for some harshness or severity of spirit that had moulded them masculinely.