ACCEOAssociation of Caravan and Camping Exempted Organisations (UK)
ACCEOAlliance for California Current Ecosystem Observation
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The ACCEO Solutions offering will thus now include no less than three products especially designed for hardware and building material centres.
We are extremely proud to be adding OGC s solutions to our range of hardware store and building material centre products, says Gilles Letourneau, president and CEO of ACCEO Solutions.
This acquisition will serve to enhance ACCEO Solutions expertise and reinforce its team.
ACCEOS combines real-time data from an organization's financial, clinical, administrative and human resources management systems into a customized "dashboard" view of key performance indicators.
Information on the ACCEOS dashboard and follow-up analysis can be configured by role, providing a desktop view of information unique to the user's job responsibilities and areas of interest.
ACCEOS provides fact-based analysis based on data such as income statements, balance sheets, client admits and discharges, clients served, client length of stay and service utilization.
Pricing for ACCEOS is on a per-seat basis, and includes the software, configurable pre-designed reports, the "dashboard" and packaged implementation services.
For more information about ACCEOS and other CMHC Systems solutions, visit www.