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ACCEPTAlgorithms for Critical Care Enteral and Parenteral Therapy (research project)
ACCEPTAccupril Canadian Clinical Evaluation and Patient Teaching (clinical study)
ACCEPTAmmonia Cracking for Clean Electric Power Technology (alternative fuel project; European Commission)
ACCEPTAmerican College of Cardiology Evaluation of Preventive Therapeutics (cardiology)
ACCEPTAccolate Clinical Experience and Pharmacoepidemiology Trial (pediatrics)
ACCEPTAdair County Communities Educational Partnerships for Technology
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You appear to be much afraid that the king will accept; you have a deal more reason to fear that he will not accept.
In painting there are only two dimensions to the canvas, yet you accept the illusion of three dimensions which the art of a painter enables him to throw into the canvas.
I stand alone, bound to accept society and not unwilling, since in return for the taxes I pay it protects me, a weakling, against the tyranny of another stronger than I am; but I submit to its laws because I must; I do not acknowledge their justice: I do not know justice, I only know power.
I could offer to lend the scoundrel the money that he wanted at an hour's notice, and he was the man to accept my proposal quite as easily as I could make it.
I could only accept it on terms of perfect equality, as a companion, protector, Mentor, and friend.
Gradually introducing the mention of the dangers to the Tradesmen, the Professional Classes and the Gentlemen, he silenced the rising murmurs of the Isosceles by reminding them that, in spite of all these defects, he was willing to accept the Bill if it was approved by the majority.
To-day we must accept it as one of the earliest castles of the Conquest, probably not later than the time of Henry I.
The Chec Furt, who had been the occasion of all this, coming to us afterwards, blamed us exceedingly for having offered so little, and being told by us that the present was picked out by himself, that we had nothing better to give, and that what we had left would scarce defray the expenses of our journey, he pressed us at least to add something, but could prevail no farther than to persuade us to repeat our former offer, which the King was now pleased to accept, though with no kinder countenance than before.
Some mothers would have insisted on their daughter's accepting so good an offer on the first overture; but I could not reconcile it to myself to force Frederica into a marriage from which her heart revolted, and instead of adopting so harsh a measure merely propose to make it her own choice, by rendering her thoroughly uncomfortable till she does accept him--but enough of this tiresome girl.
The question was summed up for him thus: "If I do not accept the answers Christianity gives to the problems of my life, what answers do I accept?
Adrienne was advised to accept Betts, and her scruples, on the score of money, were gradually removed, by Mrs.
She at once refused, not only to accept his proposal, but even to take it into consideration.