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ACCEPTAlgorithms for Critical Care Enteral and Parenteral Therapy (research project)
ACCEPTAccupril Canadian Clinical Evaluation and Patient Teaching (clinical study)
ACCEPTAmmonia Cracking for Clean Electric Power Technology (alternative fuel project; European Commission)
ACCEPTAmerican College of Cardiology Evaluation of Preventive Therapeutics (cardiology)
ACCEPTAccolate Clinical Experience and Pharmacoepidemiology Trial (pediatrics)
ACCEPTAdair County Communities Educational Partnerships for Technology
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Why else should he have shewn such unwillingness to accept your invitation here?
Restore them to thy master; or, if he scorns to accept them, retain them, good friend, for thine own use.
Gradually introducing the mention of the dangers to the Tradesmen, the Professional Classes and the Gentlemen, he silenced the rising murmurs of the Isosceles by reminding them that, in spite of all these defects, he was willing to accept the Bill if it was approved by the majority.
Nature does not ask your permission, she has nothing to do with your wishes, and whether you like her laws or dislike them, you are bound to accept her as she is, and consequently all her conclusions.
Collins, with a formal wave of the hand, "that it is usual with young ladies to reject the addresses of the man whom they secretly mean to accept, when he first applies for their favour; and that sometimes the refusal is repeated a second, or even a third time.
Then, so far as she herself is concerned, you wish me to understand that she accepts you?
You appear to be much afraid that the king will accept; you have a deal more reason to fear that he will not accept.
The furthest records or surmises or inferences simply accept it as existing.
Emerson that I accept his kind offer, and then conduct him to me, in order that I may thank him personally?
The illusion which man has that his will is free is so deeply rooted that I am ready to accept it.
I will accept your view of the situation," the girl said, still smiling, but with a faint note of disappointment in her tone.
But the whole effect is spoiled when I look at them - at Tetralani, five feet ten in her stocking feet and weighing a hundred and ninety pounds, and at Barillo, a scant five feet four, greasy-featured, with the chest of a squat, undersized blacksmith, and at the pair of them, attitudinizing, clasping their breasts, flinging their arms in the air like demented creatures in an asylum; and when I am expected to accept all this as the faithful illusion of a love-scene between a slender and beautiful princess and a handsome, romantic, young prince - why, I can't accept it, that's all.