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This is his position, in two words: A little while since, he obtained an excellent offer of employment abroad, from a rich relative of his, and he had made all his arrangements to accept it.
"Certainly--she accepted, some time since, with as heavenly a 'yes' as ever came from the ruby lips of love."
You appear to be much afraid that the king will accept; you have a deal more reason to fear that he will not accept."
Yet the shrewd and experienced Kutuzov accepted the battle, while Napoleon, who was said to be a commander of genius, gave it, losing a quarter of his army and lengthening his lines of communication still more.
"Every form of art has its limitations." (She was busy recalling a lecture she had heard at the university on the conventions of the arts.) "In painting there are only two dimensions to the canvas, yet you accept the illusion of three dimensions which the art of a painter enables him to throw into the canvas.
I do not confer praise or blame: I accept. I am the measure of all things.
After very little farther discourse, it was finally settled that the invitation should be fully accepted. Mrs.
Thus, when he had bumped his nose on the back-wall a few times, he accepted that he would not disappear into walls.
Also that I can accept no second or inferior position.
But he secured silence by declaring that henceforth the Circles would enter on a policy of Concession; yielding to the wishes of the majority, they would accept the Colour Bill.
The furthest records or surmises or inferences simply accept it as existing.
As matters stood, he had no choice but to accept Mr.