ACCESAccessible Community Counselling and Employment Services (Toronto, Canada)
ACCESAfrican Canadian Continuing Education Society (Kenya)
ACCESArmy Command & Control Evaluation System
ACCESArmy Civilian Career Evaluation System
ACCESAutomated Command & Control Evaluation System
ACCESAdvanced Cryptologic Carry-On Exploitation System
ACCESAttenuating Custom Communication Earpiece System
ACCESAPIU Common Communications Enhanced Software Segment
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Together with ACCES Employment, were helping skilled newcomers gain a competitive advantage that will positively impact their careers.
Acces Credit was established as a credit reporting agency in 2001 and has focused primarily on the construction industry in addition to serving thousands of commercial clients in Quebec.
Rikki did not say when the recording will take place but he was enthralled by Maia's performance at ACCES. 'I was sitting at the back.
Avec ce numero, le CANNT Journal explore la publication en libre acces. Le comite de redaction du journal a precedemment repris un article collectif de l'INANE (International Academy of Nursing Editors) intitule << Predatory Publishing Practices >> dans le CANNT Journal de mars 2015.
[beaucoup moins que] Notre direction a procede durant le premier semestre de 2016 a la modernisation de 5.956 lignes telephoniques avec acces a l'ADSL grace a la mise en service de 16 nouveaux equipements de la nouvelle technologie appelee MSAN (Multi Service Acces Node) qui s'ajoutent a ceux qui sont deja fonctionnels [beaucoup plus grand que], affirme Berrouane.
Les experts de l'ONU, qui ont commence leur mission lundi, a-t-il declare a la presse, doivent "pour etablir les faits de maniere credible avoir un acces totalement libre aux sites" qui font l'objet d'accusations.
However, a renewed fo on manufacturing is vital for grow "While funding options are availab for businesses with a robust business plan and those that acce the need to share equity upside, access to growth capital will continue to be very difficult, particularly for SMEs.
A esta poblacion se oriento el Proyecto Acceso con Calidad a la Educacion Superior, ACCES, creado por el ICETEX en 2002.
The 59-year-old founder and former president of Osaka-based software developer Acces Co.
CON EL OBJETIVO DE implementar la instalacion de redes en el hogar a traves del uso de los enchufes electricos sin necesidad de cable Ethernet, SMC lanzo sus nuevos dispositivos Powerline F.Z Connect 85 Mbps y el Acces Point EZ Connect a 802.11g de 54Mbps.
To meet compliance demands, such as HIPAA's privacy requirements, when the retention period expires on files that are protected through Assureon's WORM disk functions, a crypto-shredding process destroys the encryption key, ensuring that acces to the data is completly disabled.
There are a number of resources available, including agencies such as the Accessible Community Counselling and Employment Services (ACCES), the Centre for Foreign-Trained Professionals and Trades People (CFTPT) and the Ontario Council of Agencies Serving Immigrants (OCASI).