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ACCLAIMSArmy COMSEC Commodity Logistics Accounting Information Management System
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We believe these measures will accomplish our goals while preserving the strength of our product release schedule and the integrity of our R&D environment," Gregory Fischbach, Acclaim president and chief executive officer, said.
Our congratulations to the team at Acclaim Studios Austin and everyone else who worked so hard to make All-Star Baseball 2002 a success.
Protecting the privacy of our consumers is of the utmost importance to Acclaim as we grow our online services," said Ojas Rege, vice-president of Acclaim Online.
The new site will center on the day's top stories, while offering a highly visible and easy-to-use interface that allows visitors to access such features as free email, the Acclaim Infowire, the Acclaim Online Store, hot links, stories, contests, and game tips and hints.
NBA Jam `99 and NHL Breakaway `99 complete a very strong Acclaim Sports holiday lineup which includes NFL Quarterback Club '99, All-Star Baseball '99 and WWF War Zone.
Favre and Tkachuk will be at the Acclaim booth for the first official Acclaim Sports event to celebrate the launch of NFL Quarterback Club '98(TM) and NHL Breakaway '98(TM).
And using its motion capture and Ultimatte technology, Acclaim captured Frank Thomas' every move, offering gamers incredibly realistic graphics and gameplay.