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ACCLAIMSArmy COMSEC Commodity Logistics Accounting Information Management System
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Acclaim has announced a line-up of titles that includes NFL Quarterback Club '98 and NHL Breakaway Hockey for Nintendo 64 and other next-generation platforms, Batman & Robin for the Sony PlayStation, and Constructor and Forsaken for PlayStation and multimedia PCs as well as further editions of its highly acclaimed Turok:Dinosaur Hunter, released in March and among the industry's top-selling titles.
More information regarding All-Star Baseball 2002 and Acclaim Sports can be found at http://www.
Under the Acclaim Online privacy policy, individuals can request, update or remove their personal information at any time, and have the right to opt out of providing personal information before registering with Acclaim Online.
Starting this week, the Acclaim Sports website will have a new, streamlined look.
We are very excited to have such great athletes as our spokesmen and at the E3 show," said Bob Picunko, director of sports marketing at Acclaim Entertainment.
Acclaim is working in conjunction with Cracker Jack" Brand Carmel Coated Popcorn and Peanuts to feature All-Star Baseball '97 on 5 million prize wrappers in Cracker Jack" boxes sold between April and June.
Outstanding retail support combined with a comprehensive global marketing program and a product that truly pushes the envelope of interactive gaming have resulted in Turok sales that have exceeded our expectations," said Jim DeRose, president and COO of Acclaim Interactive North America.