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ACCPACAccounting Package
ACCPACAccounts Package
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Of course, gross profit by customer is a more critical measure, and ACCPAC, SBT Pro and Visual Accounting fall to provide it.
ACCPAC allows modifications to be made easily to entered data.
In that same year ACCPAC International entered into an exclusive OEM Distribution Agreement with Stonefield to sell Stonefield Query for ACCPAC to their customers through their dealer channel.
Company offers Sage Accpac CRM solutions to help organisations improve productivity and efficiency among SMB sector in UAE
They told us that Steve helped create the Sage 300 ERP (Accpac) training.
"There was a lot of attention that came from the partners because after 20 years of calling something Accpac, it became Sage 300.
"Sage Accpac is a highly scalable and modular ERP application that provides robust financial and accounting support and real time inventory control and visibility.
"Our collaboration with Grant Thornton will set a clear example of the gains large companies can make when they streamline Sage ERP Accpac with PW-Web," Steele says.
The provider of home decor and furniture-protection products, however, credits its implementation of Sage SalesLogix customer relationship management and ACCPAC enterprise resource planning systems for the 28 percent sales growth it experienced last year and the 35 percent sales growth it saw in the six months prior to that.
8 -- Niyuj Enterprise Software Solutions successfully completed the implementation of Sage ACCPAC ERP at Filtrum Tools and Components on the 7th of December 2010.
Travel Business Review-January 14, 2011--RTI Hotel Supply Implements Sage ERP Accpac and SageCRM Software(C)2011] ENPublishing -