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ACCRAAmerican Chamber of Commerce Research Association (now Council for Community and Economic Research)
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Later this week, the AfDB President will attend the Mo Ibrahim Foundation 2015 Governance Weekend, which takes place from November 20-22 in Accra, to discuss the development of African cities around the theme African Urban Dynamics .
IAD (via Accra, Ghana and Dakar, Senegal) to Johannesburg.
Very soon the same building will be home to Carbon, the Accra satellite of London's exclusive nightclub Whisky Mist.
A fire broke out on Wednesday at a gas station in Accra where people had sought shelter from heavy rains that caused widespread flooding.
With the introduction of scheduled freighter services to Lagos, Accra and Guangzhou, Qatar Airways Cargo will be able to provide air transportation services to even more industries worldwide on our growing network of more than 140 destinations.
government in Accra, as well as attending the upcoming 2-day conference,
We could not serve this market because initially we arrived in Accra after all flights to Lagos had left, and we could not connect.
A literary revival has been underway in Accra because of groups like the Du Bois Memorial Centre and the Ghana Association of Writers, who host regular book talks and annual festivals.
It departs Lagos at 16:20 pm to reach Accra at 16:25 pm (local time) and takes off from Accra at 18:35 pm to arrive in Lagos at 20:40 pm.
The concurrent publications of jazz Cosmopolitanism in Accra and the third edition of Sound and Sentiment (Durham, NC: Duke University Press, 2012) provide some indication of Feld's enormous impact on the fields of ethnomusicology, anthropology, and sound studies.
Flight EK787 to the Ghanaian capital Accra left Dubai shortly after 10:00, before having to land in Riyadh following the passenger's death.
Among the topics are challenges of urbanization in Ghana, urban families and residential mobility in Accra, household dynamics and residential patterns in the Greater Accra Metropolitan Area, landlording and housing production, rental housing and tenancy dynamics with particular focus on low-income households, and Greater Accra as a fragmented metropolis.