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ACCUAsia/Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO
ACCUAssociation of C and C++ Users
ACCUAustralian Central Credit Union
ACCUAir Cooled Condensing Unit
ACCUAssociation of Catholic College and Universities
ACCUAudio Center Control Unit
ACCUAutomated Control System Certified for Unattended Engine room (ABS)
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The electrical performance of the ACCU series capacitors is shown in Figure 1.
The ACCU series capacitors are used in applications requiring low losses at frequencies up to 40 GHZ, such as in satellite TV systems, low noise blocks and receivers.
Guard shall be in accordance with the plan prepared by the ACCU security and intervention by Procurement Services, Administrative, Technical (together with service providers Guard) after the recognition, which will be approved by the Director of ACCU and approved by the relevant structures of Ministrerului Interior in accordance with Art.