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ACCURATEA Center for Correct, Usable, Reliable, Auditable, and Transparent Elections (voting research center)
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How far the convention may have succeeded in this part of their work, will better appear on a more accurate view of it.
When we pass from the works of nature, in which all the delineations are perfectly accurate, and appear to be otherwise only from the imperfection of the eye which surveys them, to the institutions of man, in which the obscurity arises as well from the object itself as from the organ by which it is contemplated, we must perceive the necessity of moderating still further our expectations and hopes from the efforts of human sagacity.
As there is no existing word, our definition would perhaps be more accurate if we coined some word like 'ruddered' as the correlative of 'rudder'.
But it may be fancied, that from the naked skeleton of the stranded whale, accurate hints may be derived touching his true form.
This was not the map we found in Billy Bones's chest, but an accurate copy, complete in all things--names and heights and soundings--with the single exception of the red crosses and the written notes.
A distinction, more subtle than accurate, has been raised between a CONFEDERACY and a CONSOLIDATION of the States.
That, in the course of the time they passed together in inquiring into and discussing the true interests of their country, they must have acquired very accurate knowledge on that head.
Accurate Biometrics is a Certified Woman-Owned Small Business providing live scan fingerprinting service and solutions for federal, state, municipal, corporate and other organizations.
Accurate Legal Billing minimizes the likelihood that invoice payments will be reduced or delayed for inaccuracy by automating the billing process.
spot for the winning goal Accurate passes: 51 Total passes: 54 Pass accuracy: 94.4% 94.4
The combined solution of Accurate Player and Valossa will enable companies to automate inappropriate content recognition down to a frame-accurate level, the release states.
Accurate Group is a provider of real estate appraisal, title and compliance technology and services nationwide and an expert in home equity loans.
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