ACCUSAutomobile Competition Committee of the United States (car racing)
ACCUSAccusative (grammatical case)
ACCUSAmerican Catholic Church in the United States
ACCUSAutomobile Competition Committee for the US
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Think of those pure eyes looking at a man who has been accus ed (and never wholly absolved) of the foulest and the vilest of all murders, and then think of what that man must feel if he have any heart and any sense of shame left in him.
Which when the Lord God heard, without delay To Judgement he proceeded on th' accus'd Serpent though brute, unable to transferre The Guilt on him who made him instrument Of mischief, and polluted from the end Of his Creation; justly then accurst, As vitiated in Nature: more to know Concern'd not Man (since he no further knew) Nor alter'd his offence; yet God at last To Satan first in sin his doom apply'd, Though in mysterious terms, judg'd as then best: And on the Serpent thus his curse let fall.
Thus ADAM to himself lamented loud Through the still Night, now now, as ere man fell, Wholsom and cool, and mild, but with black Air Accompanied, with damps and dreadful gloom, Which to his evil Conscience represented All things with double terror: On the ground Outstretcht he lay, on the cold ground, and oft Curs'd his Creation, Death as oft accus'd Of tardie execution, since denounc't The day of his offence.
"As part of our standard safety protocol, a full investigation has been launched by IndyCar, with assistance from ACCUS and Federation Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA), the national and international governing organisation, to determine the factors involved in this accident.