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ACCUTEAssociation of Canadian College and University Teachers of English
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Indeed, last season, the Bradford League had to pull the plug on all their second eleven matches one weekend because of an accute shortage of officials.
From an accute angle Thommo curled the ball over the wall and in almost at the same spot where it ended up for his first goal.
Even with a significant amount of new capacity already on the market, copper is still in an accute shortage.
6: no era given in French original), her consistent rendering of the divine name Ea in the French manner with an accute accent (e.
Now, as the border officially opens to free trade in the poultry industry, the differences between the two industries have become more accute following the implementation of NAFTA in other areas.
On 62 minutes Danks hit the post from an accute angle after great work by Neil Cartwright while on 82 minutes substitute Les Palmer saw an effort go narrowly wide as the home team failed to add to the scoreline.
His mum, Fiona, described his accute reaction to any rubbing and explained: "Once, he was in a baby-walker and we forgot to put any socks on his feet.