ACCVAsian Conference on Computer Vision
ACCVAnti-Cancer Council of Victoria (Australia)
ACCVAdvisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines (US DHHS)
ACCVArts Council of the Conejo Valley (Thousand Oaks, CA)
ACCVAssociation Cycliste Cantonale Vaudoise (French: Canton of Vaud Cycling Association; Switzerland)
ACCVArmored Cavalry Cannon Vehicle
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This line is shown graphically in Figure 2, which shows the same data from Figure 1, but now is arranged to display the probability of IUSS usage a function of accV (instead of time) with our trend curve superimposed over the data.
5, 2003, at 76 [hereinafter March 5, 2003 ACCV Transcript] (on file with author) ("Though we see many of the same cases day after day, same vaccines, same injury, same literature, extensive litigation continues and different results occur." (quoting Gary Golkiewicz, Chief Special Master, VICP)); id.
In the case of the CAA, Congress simply said that the EPA Administrator must supply "an explanation of the reasons for such differences [between CASAC findings or recommendations and EPA's final rules]"; (103) so too with the secretary of HHS, who is obliged by statute to give a reason for rejecting a recommendation of the Advisory Committee on Childhood Vaccines (ACCV).
The self-administered semi-quantified ACCV FFQ (5,6) ascertaining intake over the previous 12 months was completed at the study centre.
[sections] 300aa-19; see also O'Connell, 79 F.3d at 173-74 (describing the IOM and the ACCV).
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