ACDBAutomated Cost Database (Aceit Tool)
ACDBAccess Control Database
ACDBAnime Characters Database (website)
ACDBAircraft Database
ACDBAir Campaign Database
ACDBAircraft Configuration Database (US FAA)
ACDBArmy Corporate Database (US Army)
ACDBAustralian Climate Data Bank
ACDBAlternating Current Distribution Board
ACDBAirports Characteristics Data Bank (ICAO)
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The ACDB delivers real-time data around the entire passenger process via implementation of a best of breed sensory network that includes Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Thermal Image tracking-Like its AODB predecessor, the ACDB consolidates data multiple sources, providing a single source of information for key operational metrics.
The number of ACDB and OPSB was not significantly different between intercropping and the control at the seedling and harvest stages, but a significant difference was recorded at the rootstock thickening stage, with treatment increasing by 23.
ACDB is a protocol that permits the MVP system to extend a call back to the serving switch to support outdial capability and increase system utilization by freeing up trunks.
If the two-letter words are denoted by AB and CD, one must find three four-letter words with the patterns ABCD or CDAB, ACBD or CADB, and ACDB or CABD.
The ACDB, also known as El Barzon, said the new rules offer no relief for borrowers forced to default on loans because of inflexible policies by the banking sector.
The ACDB, commonly known as El Barzon, has frequently criticized the banks for failing to consider the needs of debtors.
The ACDB, more commonly known as El Barzon, had brought the case to the SCJN seeking relief for thousands of farmers, mortgage holders, and small-business owners facing ruinous debts.
6 KV/415 V busbar panel, cleaning of ACDB of lighting panel,welding panel & 220 Volt DC battery charger panel and maintenance of lightings & miscellaneous work at CHP I,II & III of GSECL, TPS, Ukai.