ACDDAttribute Convention for Data Discovery
ACDDAlabama Central Disbursement Division (Montgomery, AL)
ACDDAlabama Council for Developmental Disabilities
ACDDAugustin Cournot Doctoral Days (Strasbourg, France)
ACDDAccreditation Council on Services for People with Developmental Disabilities
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Actual auction sale will be held at the Auction Hall, 3rd floor, Auction and Cargo Disposal Division (ACDD), POM building.
Description : ACDD work for the sustainable management of marine ecosystems, forest and land mainly:
This article is the result of AHRI's Air Control and Distribution Devices committee (ACDD) determining the need for a document detailing the change to include ERL.
The bureau's Disaster Relief Team, headed by Deputy Commissioner Edward James DyBuco, in coordination with the Auction and Cargo Disposal Division (ACDD) of the MICP, identified said goods eligible for donation and were considered viable for donation by the DSWD.
According to the Auction and Cargo Disposal Division (ACDD)-Port of Manila, the shipments were found to be unfit for human consumption, have no commercial value, and their release will be contrary to law and cannot be sold through public auction.
According to the Auction and Cargo Disposal Division (ACDD) of MICP, the auction will be conducted through sealed bidding.