ACDEAmerican Council for Drug Education
ACDEAsociación Cristiana de Dirigentes de Empresa (Spanish: Christian Association of Business Executives; various locations)
ACDEAssociation of Commercial Diving Educators
ACDEAssociation of Canadian Deans of Education
ACDEAircrew Chemical Defense Ensemble
ACDEAda Component Design Environment
ACDEAssociation Camerounaise pour les Droits de l'Enfant (French: Cameroon Association for the Rights of Children)
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Adamu, who is also the 1st vice president of the council, acknowledged that heading the continental body like the ACDE is tasking, but urged the president to focus more on tackling the challenges facing the council and ODL institutions in Africa.
Of note, the ACDE (2010) further counselled their readership on the value of moving this critical learning from classroom spaces into community settings: "To provide opportunities within all teacher education programs for candidates to have authentic experiences in a variety of Indigenous learning settings, whether urban, rural, remote, band-funded, or provincially funded" (p.
Historia, inscripcion internacional y estructura institucional de ACDE
Podria afirmarse con ciertas reservas, dado que sobre este tema abundan mas prenociones que descripciones certeras, que junto al Opus Dei (20) y los Cursillos de Cristiandad, (21) la ACDE conforma algo que se asemeja a un dispositivo catolico para las clases altas.
El diseno del formulario de la EE tuvo como antecedente directo el Indice de Responsabilidad Social Empresarial elaborado por ACDE (2005 y 2006).
For our purposes here, the ACDE report put forward several propositions that argued for the need to 'shape the future environment of learning' (p.
Final year students in Australian universities were contacted, through ACDE, to make them aware of the survey and that should they complete it their anonymity would be assured.
ACDE, 1998; Holmes Group, 1995; National Commission on Excellence in Teacher Education, 1985)?
In the context of faculties of education, closer collaboration between universities and their partners in the field, and providing more relevant and engaging experiences for pre-service teachers are two themes that have become more salient in the recent literature on reforming teacher preparation programs in Canada (Association of Canadian Deans of Education: ACDE, 2006; Crocker & Dibbon, 2008, Rideout & Koot, 2009).
Furthermore, these same university programs ought to consider the ACDE Accord when defining essential knowledge, skills, and attributes of PE teachers.
ACDE had among its goals broad consultation on the Accord, including faculties of education, teacher associations, practising teachers, ministries of education and other educational organizations and agencies.
The ACDE General Accord emphasizes a strong framework of normative principles for initial teacher education.