ACDEAssociation of Commercial Diving Educators
ACDEAssociation of Canadian Deans of Education
ACDEAircrew Chemical Defense Ensemble
ACDEAda Component Design Environment
ACDEAssociation Camerounaise pour les Droits de l'Enfant (French: Cameroon Association for the Rights of Children)
ACDEAmerican Council for Drug Education
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For our purposes here, the ACDE report put forward several propositions that argued for the need to 'shape the future environment of learning' (p.
The ACDE report (2001) argued that education for the new times requires less focus on knowledge development and more on the capability of knowledge use.
Final year students in Australian universities were contacted, through ACDE, to make them aware of the survey and that should they complete it their anonymity would be assured.
At ACDE he developed and implemented educational programs, advised industry, educational organizations, including "Cocaine: A Second Look," and "Urine Testing in the Workplace.