ACDEPAcid Deposition
ACDEPAssociation of Church Development Projects (Tamale, Northern Region, Ghana)
ACDEPAtmospheric Chemistry and Deposition Model
ACDEPArmy Concept Development and Experimentation Program (US DoD)
ACDEPAir-Conditioned Depot (Eveleigh, NSW, Australia rail facility)
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Included among these were a new rostering system, as well as the conflict, violence and fear, which characterised ACDEP's workplace culture (ACAC 1981: 3; Law 2007).
As Atkinson (1981) wrote in a letter to Commissioner Harrison in late December, the situation at ACDEP typified 'many of the structural difficulties which confront immigrant workers in Australia'.
This case demonstrates that migrant workers at Eveleigh generally and at ACDEP more specifically were not docile victims but actors in their own right.
The EEO initiatives introduced to ACDEP formed part of a broader organisational EEO program adopted for the SRA in 1982, the main focus of which was to establish a statistical profile on the workforce and to collect data that would 'give management an understanding about discrimination in the Authority'.