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ACDFAccess Control Decision Function
ACDFAustin Cosplay Defense Force (gaming)
ACDFAfrican Community Development Foundation
ACDFAdvisory Committee on Diagnostic Facilities (British Columbia, Canada)
ACDFAccess - Control Decision Facility
ACDFAdvanced Chemical Diagnostics Facility
ACDFadult children from dysfunctional families (alcoholism studies)
ACDFArunalu Community Development Foundation (Sri Lanka)
ACDFAfghan Community Development Framework (International Medical Corps in Afghanistan)
ACDFAnterior Cervical Discectomy and Fusion (surgery)
ACDFAmerican College Dance Festival
ACDFActive Communities Development Fund
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autograft for single-level instrumented ACDF procedures inside of a structural allograft ring.
1 High Prevalence of Adjacent Segment Disease Following ACDF Operations 138 9.
Outcome investigations following ACDF have focused on length of stay; adverse effects such as dysphagia, hoarseness, headaches, and donor site pain; patient satisfaction; and return to work.
The infection was discovered during ACDF at C4-5 and C5-6.
The study results, which compared the efficacy of treatment of cervical DDD with Mobi-C at one or two contiguous levels of the cervical spine, suggest that unlike ACDF, there is no evidence of a reduction in efficacy or an increase in complications as the number of levels treated with Mobi-C increases from one level to two levels.
Overall success criteria were at least 25% improvement in pain and disability using the Neck Disability Index (NDI), no subsequent surgery at the index level, no device-related complications, and fusion for ACDF control at 24 months.
Pakzaban's experience with thirty-eight patients undergoing a single- or multi-level UTU in conjunction with an ACDF procedure.
At the 2-year follow-up in the study, BRYAN([R]) Cervical Disc patients had statistically superior outcomes in Overall Success and Neck Disability Index success compared to ACDF patients.
Because it has no profile, soft tissue irritation is reduced for less invasive ACDF procedures, and it eliminates the need for additional plating when addressing adjacent level disease.
The study randomized 319 patients to either i-FACTOR bone graft or autograft inside of a structural allograft ring for single-level instrumented ACDF procedures.
market launch of the Optio-C Anterior Cervical System, a next generation, modular stand-alone cervical device that offers the strength, stability and fusion potential of a traditional ACDF.